Avanafil Acts Fast And Provides Quick Relief From ED

There is no denying that millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) look for quick solutions. In this “insta” world, people crave for things that provide them prompt effect and satisfaction.

You might come across a lot of herbal products and supplements that claim to cure ED. But are they really effective and safe? Most of them are not even approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, such products often disappoint you.

Oral erectile dysfunction drug are extremely effective and provides prompt relief, and Avanafil is one of them. This particular ED medicine is known to act real fast when it comes to providing prompt relief from penile failure. Avanafil is known to work within 15 minutes of oral consumption, while other ED medications – Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil and Vardenafil – work 30 to 45 minutes after oral administration.

The FDA approved Avanafil as one of the fastest acting erectile dysfunction medicines. Although physicians recommend men to take the dose of this ED medicine 30 minutes before sexual activity, clinical trials have found that men experienced its effect within 15 minutes. Moreover, it is the latest ED drug, which is widely available in the market.

Avanafil belongs to PDE5-inhibitor drugs. Just like the other ED drugs, Avanafil inhibits the enzyme PDE5 in order to increase nitric oxide, a substance that looks after elevating the blood circulation throughout the system. Eventually, the penile organ is benefited with enough blood to show up an erection, but only on sexual stimulation. Erection promoted by this new ED drug is extremely powerful and durable.

Lovemaking under the influence of this medicine is more pleasurable, exciting and satisfying. It helps lead a healthier and happier sexual life by making you ready every time when you make love. It can really save your intimate relationship. Keep in mind that this medicine is just for treating penile failures; it will not cure ED.