Sublingual Tadalista Professional: Innovative ED Medicine

Tadalista Professional is one of the reliable medicines for treating a common male sexual disorder – Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The drug Tadalafil in this medicine is a powerful generic solution that looks after treating impotence or erectile dysfunction. The medicine is manufactured by a renowned pharmaceutical organization called Fortune Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Active Drug

A main active component in this medicine is Tadalafil. This drug is a US FDA-approved medicine. Tadalafil in Tadalista Professional belongs to a group of drugs called PDE5-inhibitors. This is a different drug, as the pharmacological effect is 36 hours. This effectiveness is quite high than other PDE5-inhibitor medicines. Apart from Tadalafil, Tadalista medicine also contains other inactive ingredients.

Function of Tadalista Professional Medicine on ED

As the pharmacological name suggests, the medicine inhibits the secretion of a specific enzyme called phosphodiesterase type five (PDE5). When the enzyme PDE5 is inhibited, the body automatically releases nitric oxide and cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate. The functioning of this drug thus dilates blood vessels and relaxes penile muscles to allow appropriate blood to flow into the erectile tissues. This mechanism leads to penile erection. Sexual stimulation is must post consumption of the tablet to experience harder and long-lasting penile erection.


Appropriate Consumption

Tadalista Professional is a prescription medicine so it is important to use the pill as directed by your medical professional. Make sure that you follow all the instructions properly. You may need to take the dose with or without food as preside. For appropriate drug assimilation, you should take the dose nearly 30 minutes before planned sexual activity. Place the pill on your tongue to get it melt in the mouth. As soon as it gets melted, the drug gets mixed in the blood stream to deliver desired effective outcomes.

The medicine loses its efficacy if consumed along with alcohol and fatty foods, hence avoid the combination. ED medicine works best on an empty stomach or after a very light meal. Grapefruits consumption is strictly prohibited while you take Tadalista Professional medicine. That is because the drug interacts adversely with certain ingredients of grapefruits, which may further lead to medical complications.

Safety Measures

Before consumption of Tadalista Professional tablet, make sure that you inform your doctor about pre-existing medical issues. Inform about issues that are related to heart, brain, liver, kidney or blood. For instance, men with a blood cancer or severe heart disease should not use this generic ED medicine. Certain drugs inkling nitrates or alpha-blockers interact badly if taken along with Tadalafil. Hence, men using the aforementioned drug should avoid this ED medicine. Men that are allergic to Tadalafil are also advised not to use this medicine.