Physiological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

To properly understand what is exactly going on when you are actually struggling so as to achieve an erection, you might first need to understand what is happening in the body when you succeed at achieving one. The impotence issue can be the condition that can be treated well with Filitra 40 pills.

Hormonal Environment: Testosterone, Estrogen and Erectile Dysfunction

For starters, in case you have all heard that testosterone and penile erections are related, there is definitely truth to that but that is not the only hormone one might need.

Vascular System: Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Erectile Dysfunction

As well as the right hormonal balance, since penile erection being the result of blood filling up the spongy corpus callosum tissue in the penile until it is hard, you might also need to be able to pump blood without any significant condition.


Lifestyle Choices: Alcohol, Marijuana, Smoking, and Erectile Dysfunction

Poor sleep habits or issues in sleeping including sleep apnea , cigarette smoking, and excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol might also have noticeable effects on the penile erection. In case that sounds like the lifestyle either currently or in the recent past that might be affecting the penile erection struggles, at least in some of the noted parts.

Other Causes: Diseases, Injuries, and Medications Causing E.D.

There are actually a lot of other medical conditions that could impact penile function, too. Things including Parkinson’s disease sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, prostate issues, penile fractures or another scarring, pelvic or spinal injuries, and even the consumption of Adderall or other prescription medications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Further one might be needed to consume Filitra 40 for overcoming impotence in men.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Impact A Man

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a peculiar medical condition in that, in and of itself, it does not impact any aspect of life except for some sexual function.

But as sex and libido are important parts of lives, and the ability to be a good lover is an important part of self-conceptions and self-esteem, impotence can have serious impact on your emotional well-being. Treat the condition of broken penile now, try Filitra 40 pills composed of Vardenafil.

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