Is Caffeine Bad for You?

It is a ritual many of us might be used to wake up in the mornings with caffeine. Whether you might prefer the coffee black or you might reach for an energy drink to jump-start the day, there is a chance you are getting too much of a good thing. Is caffeine bad for you? Caffeine can have some of the negative but also positive effects. More caffeine can be harmful but in some amount cannot cause impotence in men. If impotence is seen, consume Filagra FXT medicine. The medicine treats impotence issue as a whole. It works over erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men.

In case you have had too much caffeine or drank caffeine on an empty stomach, one might have experienced feeling jittery, anxious and/or simply restless.

is caffain bad for u

For many, caffeine shall help them in feeling alert. As it is a stimulant, it might eventually enhance the heart rate and blood pressure which can further impact someone’s overall health. Filagra FXT pill is the best solution for working well over complete impotence issues in men. The medicine shall allow men to attain and sustain a stiffer penile for a longer time. Apart from stronger erection, it shall also help in delaying premature ejaculation and allowing men to ejaculate at peak time.

How Much Caffeine Can Be Consumed in a Day?
The answer shall completely depend on the current health status. But, in general, it is said that healthy adults should not have any more than 400 mg of caffeine each day. Here is how caffeine shall break down in some of the common sources:

  • Coffee: Among regular, black coffee or specialized beverages from the favorite shop, you will consume anywhere from 50 to 500 mg of caffeine, which depends on how many ounces you drink
  • Soda or pop: This is a typical type that can have roughly 25 to 50 mg of caffeine. Unlike coffee, caffeine-free sodas or pops that might be free of caffeine
  • Tea: Compared to coffee, tea is a relatively low-caffeine alternative. It might be about the cup of tea only that shall contain roughly 5 to 50 mg of caffeine

If you are a victim of impotence due to excess caffeine, try consuming the Filagra FXT pill. The medicine shall allow men to lead the best lovemaking session without any breakdowns.

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