Why Does The Spouse Tease You!

  • Teasing is just a way of showing love and affection for some of the individuals. For others, condition like teasing is a habit and a way of interacting with people
  • In some of the cases, teasing might be a power play or a way of eventually trying for being the center of attention
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  • Some of the people might tease to simply live up a dull conversation or for trying and coming across as clever and funny as one can be
  • Some people might use teasing as a smokescreen for keeping the focus on others and not only on themselves
  • Some other tease shall spouse when there are others around as they might think it is a safe way for saying something negative they have been wanting to say

Some psychologists might also believe that a teasing condition is an important tool for eventually building healthy relationships. The more satisfied a couple is with the marriage, the more playful they might be.

Couple enjoying themselves on a winter dayHowever, the Filagra DXT pill is the solution that helps impotent men to attain and sustain a stiffer penile that stays for a longer time. Since teasing is an ambiguous thing, the desired effect can backfire. Additionally, people shall respond differently to teasing.

Teasing Guidelines

  • Do not attack or being malicious especially when it shall come for the spouse’s capabilities, appearance, weight, or what one might perceive for being a physical flaw. It is not at all funny to those who might hear what you have said, and it is not funny to the spouse
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  • Make sure that your might teasing is not a sly or manipulative way for throwing throw insults and put-downs at the spouse
  • Recognize that teasing might be the snowball in a relationship with one spouse wanting to top the last remark

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