Why We Wear Undergarments? Let Us Skip It

Fewer Yeast Infections
Wearing underwear is something most people do. Yet your underpants could actually be setting men and women up for yeast infections. Yikes. “Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained,” women’s health expert explained to Considerable. Men, too, will want to prevent a buildup of moisture, according to study. With moisture come redness, burning, and an unbearable itch. A man with lose penile erection must have Filitra 20 to get stiffer erection.

The easy solution to avoid such an infection is exactly what you’d expect: Put your drawers back in the drawer. By not allowing moisture to accumulate, you’ll ultimately win the battle against bad bacteria being built up down there. Although yeast infections aren’t nearly as common in men, three out of four women will experience this irritating infection at some point in their lives, according to trusted site. So it only makes sense that committing to going commando is the best solution for this issue. When in doubt, air it out! Filitra 20 can be the best pill for impotent man, if he has planned a date with his loved one. No underwear can make him more prompt.

May Increase Sperm Production
It turns out that wearing underwear could be causing your infertility. While, yes, it’s pretty obvious that wearing it isn’t going to help when it comes to getting pregnant, there’s some science hiding beneath the waistband — and it all has to do with sperm.

To produce the best little swimmers possible, temperature is important. To produce sperm efficiently, the testicles need to stay at about 94 F, which is a few degrees cooler than the average body temperature. Wearing underwear, especially tight boxer briefs, causes your downstairs to heat up drastically while being pushed up against your 98-degree body. This, in turn, can cause a lower sperm count. A man can consume Filitra 20 beforesexual act to make his moment special and complete.

While mixed research is out there regarding just how underwear affects infertility, letting some fresh air down there doesn’t seem to hurt. And if you’re trying to grow your family, why not try going commando?

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