Suffering From Impotence? Still Have Safe Intimacy

Take Care Of Your Erection
A condom is the best way to avoid getting infected by any type of intimacyually transmitted disease. A condom can be worn only when the penile is fully erect and this can happen with the help of Filagra CT 100.

Know The Correct Way To Use Protection
You can need a condom anywhere and everywhere. Keep them in such a place that they are within arm’s reach. Also at all the possible places, you will be having intimacy.

Get Yourself Educated
Squeeze out all the air in the condom and unroll it over the penile. Leave little space on the tip of the condom. This will help in ejaculation.

Safe Intimacy Can Be Had At Any Age
Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual disorder that can occur at any time of the age when the blood flow in the penile is insufficient to make it stand erect. But with age comes the impotence issue, treat this condition with the help of Filagra CT 100

People of any age can become infected with a sexual transmitted disease, such as HIV/AIDS.

Some intimacy experts believe that men who take drugs for erectile dysfunction are more likely than other men to get involves in sexual risky behavior

Never Forget To Wear A Condom
Get your partner into this. Ask her to help you out in wearing a condom. This can be a good act for the foreplay. One can also try different brands and flavors, this will just increase the fun and pleasure. If nothing works, then visit the doctor. And ask him other various types and methods to practice safe intimacy.

One should take safe intimacy precautions even if they are suffering from Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. And to treat impotence condition, men above the age of 18 can consume Filagra CT 100.

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