Filagra DXT-Understanding Libido During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a number of changes in a woman, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. Women’s libido increases and decreases depending upon their mood swings. Men also have to go through a lot since women have their mood swings due to pregnancy. Men can take the help of Filagra DXT and try to bring back their intimate life back on track.

It also depends from person to person. Some women experience intense and amazing orgasm during this period while some face major difficulties during pregnancy in sex life.

The Initial Week
In the initial week of pregnancy, women face a lot of less intimate desires and also achieving orgasm is difficult. A sudden upward or downward movement in the hormone can cause mood swings and nausea.

There is a general survey that says, a woman’s sexual drive decreases during the first trimester of pregnancy, increases during the second trimester and then again goes down during the third trimester. This on and off of intimate session also affects the erection abilities of men, take the help of Filagra DXT to improve it.  

Sometime Ahead
For most of the women, their sexual life spark during this phase. They are able to attain a higher amount of pleasure. after a couple of weeks, women experience less nausea that again contributes to more amount of sexual activity with active participation.

The End
The bump has also almost grown full plus there is a drastic drop in libido and there is a difficult orgasm. Women can take part in other types of sexual activity if they feel uncomfortable with normal sexual intercourse.

As such, there is no harm in having intimacy during pregnancy but to be on the safer side always ask your doctor before taking any major steps. In case of women is not in mood then men can take help of masturbation and consume Filagra DXT.

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