How Does Orgasm Benefits Our Body?

People have made intimacy all about orgasm and why not? There are so many health benefits attached to it. To make sure your partner gets an orgasm every time you have an intercourse consume Filagra.

It Can Make You Look Good
Having an orgasm causes a spike in the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which helps to maintain and repair tissue and promotes healthy skin, so you really do glow.

It Can Help With Those Pesky Menstrual Cramps
When you have an orgasm your body produces endorphins, which are our bodies natural pain killer. Studies show that when you produce endorphins you have a 70 percent increase in pain tolerance.

You Will Sleep Better
After an orgasm there is a drop in blood pressure, this combined with the sudden relaxation leads to a more peaceful slumber. Impotence might take away your peaceful sleep. Treat it with the help of Filagra.

Can Stop You Getting Ill
Regular orgasms are linked to higher levels of the antibody Immunoglobulin A, in fact studies show it can boost the infection fighting cells up to 20%.

Releases Tension
The intimate hormone produced through orgasming may lower depression and anxiety as it flushes out stress induced cortisol, an inflammatory hormone. It is a great way to reduce stress in the body.

Keeps You Feeling Good
The increase in blood circulation, as it transports oxygen to the center of the brain the hypothalamus gland, this gland regulates appetite, body temperature and emotions.

Keeps You Healthy
Promotes healthy estrogen levels, which keep vaginal tissues supple and can protect against a whole host of diseases, including heart disease.

Can Make You A Success
an orgasm increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which has been linked to passion and social skills

Burns Those Calories
Having an orgasm gets the blood pumping and your heart racing, like a good cardo workout would. Intimacy sessions also without penile failure can be increase your thrusting helping you shed your calories. If penile failure occurs consume Filagra.

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